Spice Blends

I got into making my own spice blends a little while ago. I had some old glass spice containers so I thought to use those. I look up recipes with things I think I would like and then mix them as I feel fit. So far I have:

Big bird blend, which is a simple poultry seasoning.

Ms. Piggy Blend, which is a simple Italian seasoning.

I noticed I hadn’t been eating the tuna I had in my cupboard so I thought what the heck let’s look up a fish spice blends. That was the birth of my Nemo blend.

Because I named the first two after muppets I needed something representing the Swedish chief so I went with my Børk Børk Børk blend, when searching out Swedish spice blends I found epice riche.

I had my Børk Børk Børk blend in a plastic container so it didn’t seal all that good, I was cool with that because let me tell you this is now my favourite blend and I thought it would not be a problem before I needed to make more but it started to lump up on me even though I was frequently using it. I needed to get some glass containers that could be sealed better.

After my glass containers came I went to make a Meap meap blend, a spicy poultry seasoning. I was going to shake out half of big bird and blend in some spices, big bird had other thoughts on that. I guess the plastic lid on the reused containers where not that air tight. So both meap meap and big bird got new containers.

¡Aruba Aruba! Blend, taco seasoning. Following the muppets/cartons theme I needed a name for a taco seasoning, Speedy Gunzalus to the rescue.

Having a taco seasoning I needed a Tex mix blend, enter Yosemite Sam! Now you vermint… Dive, tex mix seasoning.

My popcorn salt always gets lumpy in the container I was holding it; it was no problem I knew it was because it wasn’t airtight, I would just pop the lid and break it up. I decided that needed to end now that I had the tools. Being from Saskatchewan the first name that popped into my head was the mountie Salty Bob, I put some more salt and the popcorn salt I already had into my spice grinder and turned it all into popcorn salt for my better sealed spice container.

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