COVID-19 Staples

David Boone

I was recently sick, getting sick during this time is a rather uncomfortable thing. Prior to me getting sick I was in one of your locations in Saskatoon. Physical distancing rules or mask wearing was not followed strictly by your staff. If rules were not being followed at the location I visited it is likely that they are not being followed elsewhere in Canada. .

While at a Staples location the only health guidelines being followed was the number of people in the store and plexiglass around some of the tills, physical distancing or mask wearing was not being followed by any of the staff members.

Looking at COVID-19, and comparing it to other pandemics, we have yet to leave the first wave and a second wave is likely. We can prevent a second wave, in Canada, but we need to do our part to prevent it. The science says physical distancing, mask wearing, and good hygiene by all parties is a must. Physical distancing only works if followed by all parties not living together. Mask wearing only works if followed by all parties. Good hygiene only works if followed by all parties. In order to beat COVID-19 and prevent future waves these rules need to be followed by everyone, staff and customers a like. Hand sanitizer seems to be provided but not enforced at all doors into businesses, it must become a requirement. Masks do not seem to provided or enforced anywhere this needs to change for businesses where eating is not the primary purpose for entering.

Let your business be the role-model to crush this first wave and working to prevent the second wave in Canada. COVID-19 may not hurt one person, but they could pass it on to someone else with deadly consequences. Requiring all staff and customers wear a mask should be the first step. Physical distancing, both inside and outside of the building by both staff and customers, is the next step that needs to be taken this includes security and shelf stocking staff members. Hygiene is a step that should not need to be mentioned in this day and age but due to actions shown by members of your staff I feel it is important to do so.

Reann Legge

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