Paradigm Quest Inc o/a Merix second open letter

As I discussed in the first open letter to Paradigm Quest Inc o/a Merix,, I was afraid that things where being mailed to my dead name so that I would avoid them and the foreclosure would happen without challenge as I would be unaware of the proceedings.

On the 7th of May 2018 I received an email from Amy W, a Customer Experience Representative for Paradigm Quest Inc, informing me that my account has been moved to legal and that everything should go through Colleen Grieman for Ian Sutherland at Mcdougall Gauley where a payment schedule had been made and agreed on by all parties. With this plan mortgage payments where to be made to Mcdougall Gauley. There was however a direct debit made on the 18th of May 2018 and I fear that this was another attack on me, as this was not in the agreed upon schedule.

The amount of stress put on to someone from the threat of foreclosure leads many to suicide. More than 40% of people who are trans either attempt or will lose there life to suicide and close to 100% of people who are trans will be attacked with some form of transphobia. As a woman who was Assigned Male At Birth (AMAB), transphobic attacks are something I have learned to deal with, I however fear that I am being attacked even after arrangements have been made to catch up on my mortgage because of my sexual orientation or expression.

The stress one deals with being trans is unimaginable, the stress one deals with along with the threat of foreclosure is life threatening, combining those two the amount of stress is horrific, however the stress that comes while being attacked with those two issues is indescribable.

Reann Legge
I use the pronouns she/her