Sky Daddy

I got called out today for using the term Sky Daddy when referring to the Abrahamic deity today. Let me promise you I do not mean to offend people by it, I want to be inclusive not exclusive when talking about their deity. Ok maybe the quotation marks around false was a little disrespectful but for some context; Kent Hovind got the boot from YouTube, someone reuploaded his call to arms so I have been having fun educating people!

I mean no offence when I call your “false” idol Sky Daddy, I don’t want to imply someone else’s “false” idol by saying God. There are many people who see their deity is the only true God, plus I don’t know what sect of the abrahamic religions you follow. Hey there is another example of evolution; someone tells a story about Abraham, who lived an extremely long time, meeting your Sky Daddy the story is told and retold until it is written down writing it down gets some of the very few who could read at the time angry and they write it down but how they like it and so on and so forth. Different understandings of this text leads to different Abrahamic religions some that died out and some that exist today. See even if I were to use God in place of Jehovah which Jehovah would I be talking about, who would get mad and say they aren’t a JW? How many people would know who I am talking about when I say Yahweh? Who would recognize יהוה when speaking in English rather than Hebrew? Would you recognize HaShem? Hows about Elohim is that what you know him by? If I use the name Allāh am I going to be told the Islamic God isn’t the right one, same guy just saying. Or as some have implied they follow the teachings in the Bahá’ì faith but then they would need to state which Jewish messenger is their favourite. I say Sky Daddy to be inclusive.

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