Waiting for Scheduling

Montreal, but now I got a letter from Sask Health telling me they needed more information for funding. By the end of that week I called them up to see where my file was at. The person I talked to told me “we just sent out the letter today,” so I asked what it said and there reply was “sorry we cannot tell you over the phone!” After that my anxiety was considerably higher than the moon. Later that day I received an email from Montreal stating that my file had been moved to the medical team and it would be scheduled after that. The next weekend I had so much anxiety, Monday I was just shut down. Tuesday came, I was doing stuff trying to keep my anxiety at a controllable level. My phone started ringing and I saw it was Montreal, my anxiety was telling me that they where going to ask for more documentation. I answered the phone and the person on the other line did the introduction and asked for me, after all that she moved on to the we are looking into January for scheduling. I just burst into tears I was so happy. I apologized for crying (how Canadian of me) but she told I was not the first to do that. The date of my Genital Remodelling is January 14th.

I am still anxious as all hell, but it is a different kind of anxiety. Before the day I was crying on the phone I could see the light around the corner, but I could not see the corner yet. Now that I can see the corner and the light, it seems so far away it feels like an eternity. I need to remind myself that I have been working towards this goal for more than 6 years of understanding that I am trans, as of the time writing this I am counting down the days.