Coming out to the local PSAC

I was at a training thing at the local Public Service Alliance of Canada office. The first day went good, but I was getting to the point where I needed to be out every where. After the first day was over and later that night I decided I needed to come out to the PSAC the following morning.

I had decided that night that the next day (Sunday) was the day I was coming out. Getting all hyped up I forgot to set my alarm, so I was woken up by a text message by a friend asking me where I was this was the same friend that I had come out to at work, this was after I came out to her but before I came out at work. I realized I slept in and raced off to the office. When I got there I explained why I was late and did the whole coming out thing. The big things I remember was getting the new cardboard stand to put Reann on it, and being recognized at the end for my coming out.