UNE Gender Protocols

I am unsure who to address this to,

After receiving the 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Conference email for the second time I realized that the Union of National Employees is using dated and exclusionary wording of “Dear Brothers and Sisters,” to address members.

There are members who identify as neither male or female, so this exclusionary practise needs to end. I am unaware if a movement needs to be made somewhere, but using the gender binary of male and female ignores people out side of the gender binary. CUPE Local 4828 passed a motion in October of 2016 to “expand their range of options when referring to each other apart from ‘sister’ and ‘brother.’” I am unsure as to they currently address members however, some suggestions maybe “Siblings,” “Comrades,” “Brothers, Sisters, and Non Binary Siblings.”

Reann Legge

I use the pronouns she/her