How did I know

It took me 7 years to get my 4 year degree, but that is besides the point. The second last year I was in university I took a class on the Psychology of Human Sexuality, in this class the movie Soldier’s Girl was shown and I had a “First Time I saw Me” moment when I realized that there is so much more to being trans than porn after the semester was over I went to the prof and got information. He introduced me to an organization that has in many ways saved my life on many different occasions. When I went to this organization the first time I was introduced to many different things, I may have been a little over whelmed and then it took me another two years to gain the ability to go back.

As for Solider’s Girl it did play a major part in me finding out that trans people where more than a porn fetish, but had I found out that the actor who played Calpernia Addams was a cis man I would have been broken. It took me a couple years after that class to really truly except that I am trans.

Another few years went by and I realized that I like not only men, but also women, and non binary people.