Open Letter to Arby’s

To Whomever This May Concern

I am a woman who was Assigned Male At Birth (AMAB), as such I have masculine traits. I am used to and completely understand if someone makes a mistake and misgenders me, I just politely correct them and carry on with my day. When someone repetitively misgenders and refuses to correct themselves it can be psychologically damaging.

At the drive through at one of the Arby’s locations in Saskatoon, on Circle Drive, around noon. I ordered my meal and was asked “What else do you want sir?” I just politely said “It is ma’am not sir, and that is everything.” The person taking my order continued to sir me through “Oh sorry sir, is that everything?” I just said yes, but he replied with “please drive ahead sir!”

I write you this as I am in a place where I can recover and move on however many other people close to me, or in a similar situation, do not have the ability to say that. I ask that better training be put in to place so that future interactions such as the one I had do not happen again at any location to any person.

Reann Legge

I use the pronouns she/her