Favourite coming out story

I was at a work training event, I had told a friend at the beginning of the training thing that I was going to need to talk to her at the coffee break, she said ok. Coffee break came along, she turned to me and asked what I wanted to talk to her about, I was nervous as all heck so I asked her if we could go grab a coffee first. We walk to the coffee maker standing in line, she turns to me and says “Ok what is it you want to tell me?” I am so nervous, I had know idea how she is going to react so trying to get it out of me I say “umm uhh well I am umm uhh not umm uhh straight!” She laughs and says “haha yeah I know,” it was a huge weight off of my shoulders. After that it was so much easier for me to come out as trans and straight, at the time I thought I was straight as I like sex with guys.

This friend helped me so much with coming out to my employer, than helped me so much while I was struggling with some of the issues I was dealing with threw work. I could go into some of the things I had to deal with but I am bigger than that.

On a side note, a little later, I have realized that I am actually not all that straight as a woman. I like sex with guys, gals, and our non binary pals. I am romantically attracted to gals, I am sexually attracted to guys, and the non binary pals fit in there somewhere. This is not a strict thing, I do like sex with some gals and I do like romance with some guys.