Open Letter to WestJet

To whom it may concern

I am a woman who was Assigned Male At Birth (AMAB); as such I have masculine traits leading to many psychologically damaging effects. I, like many other people in the Trans community, know what it is like to be harassed in various ways.

As I find WestJet the best option for a personal flight on my budget, I decided to book flights to and from Montreal for a Trans Related Surgery (TRS). Some time after booking and paying for my flights I was reminded about this story, westjet passenger outed trans. I hope additional training material has been given to all employees.

I am writing to you now as I will be experiencing many new and exciting things, transphobia should not be one of them. Is there any guarantee that I will not experience any phobic actions from WestJet employees, such as the one referenced earlier?

Reann Legge

I use the pronouns she/her