Additionally To my Spice Blends

Earlier today I saw a Sam the Cooking Guy video on YouTube and he made some “crack chicken,” boy did it ever look good! Only problem was I didn’t have all of the 5 ingredients; boneless skinless chicken thighs, ranch seasoning, cream cheese (well not enough, or maybe it’s just me eating it), I do have the cheese and bacon though.

On the topic of cheese I am moving to white cheddar, cause mammals don’t lactate orange. I maybe going a little over board with the less artificial things with this one but hey.

Back to the story, I thought well maybe I could just use some other part of the bird. It was a surprise to me that I didn’t have any poultry. So I thought let’s see what else I could instead of poultry. While I was thinking about that I realized I didn’t have any ranch seasoning either. I was feeling quite defeated by this point, I was stuck on what I was going to make for substance this evening; I really wanted something ranchy but I didn’t have ranch dressing. Then it hit me, what have I been doing recently? That’s right I have been making my own spice blends. I looked at a recipe for ranch seasoning and then eyeballed the mix and made it my own. I made Kermit’s teeny tiny farm blend and it is so good!

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