Today’s New Thing

Last night I got thinking about my vinegar projects, and realized I really like white wine vinegar but I have never made it before so I decided I was going to order some white wine to pick up today. Before I checked out of the order form I thought I really should try making my own apple cider vinegar as I use store bought apple cider vinegar with a mother to make my vinegars. My homemade vinegars have a mother that floats on top and feels slimy, as I understand it this turns alcohol into vinegar faster however as I make flavoured vinegars I have never tried it before. Last night I realized if I made my own apple cider vinegar it would have the slimy mother on top and I could just use that with the white wine project as I would have to add some apple cider vinegar to it anyways. Today my New Thing is making homemade apple cider vinegar for future use rather then using store bought stuff.

I use apple cider vinegar (along with many flavoured vinegar) as a drinking vinegar along with cooking or salad dressing. The white wine vinegar I love using for cooking, as it is not a good drinking vinegar!

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