Today’s New Thing

After spraying my tub down again I lay down and thought about making sure Rosie vacuumed my bedroom floor tomorrow morning as I am fairly sure it skipped it on Friday. I got thinking about reasons why Rosie would have skipped my bedroom when I realized it had probably been blocked with the recycle boxes I had spread around. I got out of bed and thought where could I move them? Then I realized that I am just really lazy and they could just be moved out to the recycle bin in the parking lot. I got off my lazy behind and brought one box to the bin, on my way to the bin I had the thought of “good thing I only need to take one box for Rosie to have enough room.” I got back to my place when I realized I should take another so I did, on my way to the bin I realized I should just keep the momentum up and being more to the bin. During my cleaning my recycle bin has filled up multiple times over but I have not brought it to the actual bin! After my third trip I thought I should just keep them momentum up and go for trip four and five but my back told me that was not going to happen. I have from time to time left my recycling long enough that multiple trips where needed but never have I ever left it to a point where five trips could be made. Today’s New Thing is being able to make three trips to the recycle bin but still having enough for two more trips.

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