Thankful Post 291

Today I am thankful that I have two washrooms!

I am still going chu chu on this cleaning train so today I was in the bathroom and realized my tub needed a good ol’ scrubbing. I had some scrubbing bubbles spray stuff so I gave it some spray stuff and then scrubbed it down. I would later realize I have a scrubbing thing but that’s not a problem. I could smell the stuff so I turned on the fan and went about my day, that is until this evening I went into the washroom but while I was admiring my clean tub I saw a spot that needed cleaning. Without thinking much about it I sprayed it and scrubbed it away, then wam bam bogey bam the smell hit me. I finished off cleaning my tub but wow that smell is not good, when I started cleaning earlier today I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stay in there long but that didn’t occur to me this evening. While I was getting everything else done I needed to go to the potty but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to be in that bathroom all that long so I am thankful I have two bathrooms.

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