Every so often I say today’s the day I am going to do a couple loads of dishes and clean my kitchen. Last night I didn’t sleep because I didn’t have my sleepy drug. After what felt like hours I came back out to my living room and started surfing YouTube. I watched a video a person I follow had posted about how he liked a clean kitchen, because he enjoyed cooking for stress relief. I thought “hey I enjoy cooking for stress release, why haven’t I done that in a while?” I realized I was too tired for such deep philosophical questions so I went back to YouTube. A few videos later I would have to say around 02:30ish I went back to my bed to try and get some sleep. Thinking about everything it must have been about 05:00 before I feel to sleep and was awake by 08:30 this morning. I ordered my medication knowing full well it would be unsafe for me to drive, but thought today I would do some dishes.

I knew that I needed to clean my kitchen and doing my dishes would be a start. The past few times I have come to that conclusion I did a load of dishes and left it at that. I so wanted to do more but could not find the motivation. Today I did a load of dishes, emptied and filled my dish washer and it’s running again. It’s sad really that it has taken me this long to do two loads of dishes in the same day. What’s worse is I probably have another load yet to do today.

With my kitchen clean up I am considering combining my fermentation stations and moving it out of my kitchen, that’s what I am going to do! Now to decide where to move it? I am leaning towards into my hallway closet but that I am leaving until Friday after I have had a sleep.

It is 12:45 as I write this it feels like it is much later!

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