Being an Adult Sucks

So I have been doing some cleaning around my home; yesterday after the conference, today during breaks, and while listening to presentations. I have been rather excited about having a somewhat cleaner place, I was going to rotate my mattress last night but found out it was actually the box spring that needed rotating. While rotating the box I saw stuff under my bed that needed cleaning, one thing lead to another and now I have a fairly clean bedroom! While cleaning my bedroom I found Squirtal (my robotic mop), how the heck it got in there I am not sure but I got excited and cleaned my bathroom floor so that Rosie could vacuum it up and Squirtal could mop it. After finally cleaning my bedroom and having my bathroom floor cleaned I decided that I needed to have my kitchen mopped, knowing that Rosie was going to vacuum this morning anyways I decided that I was just going to clean up the floor a bit better so that Rosie could do a better job. Rosie’s battery is just a little to small to get all of the places; it gets most of the job done and then charges only to finish up with 5 or 10 minutes of work, today I was expecting the same but nope it did its job then charge it almost needed to do a second charge before finishing. I set up Squirtal to mop my lament flooring it spent some time doing its thing then the battery needed to be charged. After plugging its battery in I noticed how much work it still needed to do, it being not as smart as Rosie I knew it was going to have to redo the entire floor after plugging the battery back in but there was still a lot it could do so I put it in an area that needed it the most but after slaving away at that part it came through and did most of the rest. The battery needs a second charging to finish off the spare bathroom, I will let it finish off the bathroom and do one more pass everywhere else. So what does this have to do with Adulthood sucking? It sucks because I am excited about how clean my place is becoming, and a little grumpy knowing how much still needs to be done.

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