Today’s New Thing

This morning I decided I was going to actually make my ketchup. I have been saying that for a bit now, so I decided that I would run the slow cooker through the day. It finished and it tastes amazing, I have made ketchup before and have always liked it more then factory produced stuff so that’s not new.

20*0 got me looking at how can I make things better? One of those things ended up being vinegar making; so I know a thing or two about vinegars now, tasting my ketchup I thought “this is good, but how could I have made it better?” It then hit me I should have used red wine vinegar in place of the plain white vinegar, as I write this I am thinking even a white wine vinegar would add a little more to it. Today my new thing is realizing that I know how different vinegars could work to make simple things better.

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