Today’s New Thing

I am in a vicious cycle of cleaning my place, as I mentioned in my thankful post. I have in the past noticed my place smelling good after cleaning it but after cleaning my dining room it smells gooder, I am hoping that it will smell goodest once I get around to dishes, but I am hopeful it will smell gooderest once my floors are mopped and dishes are done. Today I am going to use the “my foot is too sore” excuse, to get out of dishes rather then the “I am just to lazy” excuse. I have been using that sense Sunday so it’s not new, it is however rather disgusting come to think about it. With any luck this post will help motivate me to do my dishes later today.

All of this because I got a new vacuum I named Rosie. This stuff is not new though what is new is how I am feeling about it all, I am feeling rather proud of myself I have not let my valid excuse hold me too far back at cleaning up my place. If my foot wasn’t injured would I have been further along in my clean up? Maybe, but I don’t know that I would have had the drive to do more. That is until tomorrow when my mop shows up and I would have realized I need a clean floor before I can use that.

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