Thankful Post 231

So there I am sitting in a parking lot waiting on a friend when I check my email; I got a PSAC email discussing Phoenix pay damages which I briefly looked at as I was of the understanding that PSAC and UNE where still figuring things out for SSO. I then opened another email saying I had a new payslip, post November when the COVID pay stopped I got rather depressing blank payslips. I needed to send my blank payslips places showing I didn’t get paid but I looked at it and realized that I was being paid, and it was not a small amount either well not small compared to my normal pay. I looked at my payslip trying to figure it out, I guess it’s the Phoenix Pay settlement. So I guess I missed something cause there is a “non collective agreement implementation” payment and a “collective agreement implementation” payment.

So I went back and read the PSAC email again, only knowing it had something to do with taxes. I guess the government isn’t giving the CRA information and/or the CRA isn’t giving people the right information. When all of this stuff was being figured out I read emails saying it wasn’t going to be taxed, it was going to be taxed, it maybe taxed, or portions were or were not going to taxed and it seemed to change frequently. I thought well it should be figured out by the time they figure SSO things out. I guess they did figure out SSO things but still need to figure out CRA things? I have looked at that payslip so many times today, it’s like pinching myself to see if it’s real. I am so thankful that SSO has been figured out, and that I am getting a rather big paycheque soon!

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