This is the last Dick Pic I could ever take, I was so anxious that day and had a F wording hard on all day. (January 13th)

January 15th, the first Transition Tuesday with a Vagina, I was new to the whole having a vagina thing and wanted to hide my catheter.

I missed taking a redevolopment picture on the 22nd as that was the day I left Asclépiade.

This picture I decided to take after I woke up on the 29th before I cleaned up, it is icky and gross.

I cleaned my stuff up this week, I am also bleeding less and less every day. Here is my February 5th picture.

I so cannot wait until I can do hair removal, here is my February 12th picture.

February 19th, I at feeling pretty good about my recovery but cannot wait until I can do some hair removal.

February 27, this one came a day late as I was really busy yesterday.

March 5th, try to hide most of the hair. The scarring is starting to fade, or at least it feels like it.

March 12 there is a little red in there getting some cream for that tomorrow.

March 19 the redness is going away stuff is slowly changing.

March 26, I so cannot wait until April 26 as I get to go for my first ever Brazilian. I am guessing it will be nothing but fun.


April 2nd, I am 11 weeks post op. I am planning on cutting down that forest soon, hopefully Monday.

I shared my redevelopment link today and I realized I need a new picture.

April 23 progress it is still a little scared.

April 30th not much has changed.