Open Letter Regarding Double Standards in Distracted Driving

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing an open letter to MLA’s, SGI, and media companies around Saskatchewan to express my concerns about the double standards that exist in our province with regards to distracted driving.

As we all know, texting while driving is illegal in Saskatchewan due to the inherent distraction it poses to drivers. However, I am troubled by the fact that billboards and other forms of advertisement are permitted along our roads and highways, despite their potential to cause distraction.

Other provinces in Canada, such as British Columbia and Quebec, have already taken action to ban or limit roadside advertising, recognizing the risks to public safety that these distractions pose. It is time for Saskatchewan and SGI to follow suit and take steps to ensure that our roads and highways are safe for all drivers.

As we all know, the primary goal of advertisements is to capture the attention of the viewer. Whether it is a flashy billboard or a catchy jingle on the radio, these marketing techniques are designed to divert our attention away from our immediate surroundings and focus on the product or service being promoted. This is especially concerning when these advertisements are placed along our roads and highways, where drivers need to be focused on the task at hand – safely operating their vehicles.

It seems unfair to me that while texting while driving is considered a serious offense, we allow these distractions to exist on our roads. In fact, I would argue that billboards and other advertisements pose an even greater risk to public safety, as they are specifically designed to draw our attention away from the road. We must do more to address this issue and ensure that our roads and highways are safe for all drivers.

Therefore, I urge our elected officials and SGI around Saskatchewan to take action to address this double standard and ensure that our roads and highways are safe for all drivers. We need to prioritize public safety and ensure that our roads are free from distractions that could lead to accidents and injuries.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to hearing your response.


Reann Legge