Human Rights March 2019 (1 of 2)

I am a woman who was Assigned Male At Birth (AMAB), even though I am a minority I still deserve human rights. I “have the right to dignity and equality under The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code. Because human rights are so important, the Code takes precedence over other provincial laws. The agency that enforces the Code is the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.”

A job opportunity had been provided within an advertisement company, however during the training and orientation the trainer stated; We do not advertise for the LGBTQ community, for the same reason that we do not advertise for Neo-Nazis. Members of the queer community should not need to be equated to a hate group, as this is seen as hate speech and is protected under the SHRC. The SHRC stated that there was not enough evidence to pursue this complaint, however further work with the SHRC leads evidence to a bias against the Trans community.

Evidence for the lack of support is clear in one complaint against a medical professional. The SHRC has repeatedly stated that they did not see validity, or that there is not enough evidence, to file a human rights complaint. History shows that someone who has a physical disability and is wrongfully dismissed from a place of employment is afforded more rights then that same person who identifies within the Trans community. When this example is brought up the only explanation can be summarized as; I don’t know that was before I worked in this position and I do not care to look into it. Although the SHRC did not see, or care to see, how ones rights had been violated by the health professional the College of Physicians and Surgeons did. After informing the SHRC of this (Appendix I) a letter (Appendix II) was sent out which can be summarized as ‘even though another agency sees that your rights had been violated, we will not.’ When there is an agency put in place to defend someones human rights, it should not be a persons responsibility to defend their rights to this agency.

Further evidence is made clear when the SHRC failed to even respond to a compliant regarding human rights being violated by a law firm, documentation was sent to the SHRC however the SHRC failed to respond. No one should need to know that they are being ignored by the agency put in place to protect their rights, they should not need to fight to be recognized as a human with rights in Saskatchewan.

A fourth example; After an explanation regarding the development of Trans rights in Saskatchewan had been requested the SHRC has failed to provide this information in any form. References regarding the development of this section of the code are required.

The World Professional Association of Transgender Health recognizes that very few, typically only in the medical field, will use the term Transsexual while many others in the Trans community find it insulting. WPATH also recognizes that terminology and definitions rapidly change and that Transgender is also becoming a less favoured term. It is curious if the WPATH guidelines where consulted during the development of this code.

SHRC has made it clear that cases regarding other people in the Trans community have been taken on in response to the questioning of any bias. Doing research and talking to others in the Trans community it appears as if the cases accepted where just for show when gender identity was added to the Human Rights Code in 2016. Very few, if any, have been taken on more recently leaving many to feel less then human in Saskatchewan.

Four examples of where the SHRC has failed to protect the rights of members of the Trans community have been provided. These are but four examples, which raises concerns of how many others this agency has failed to protect. Information needs to be provided in respects to how the SHRC is going to fix this bias, and how it intends to prevent future biases from forming in respects to any other minority community now or in to the future.