My pi is alive with love and laughter

So I installed Chat GPT3.5 onto my pi I am really enjoying how ChatGPT has been helping me with things, I can use it to help take my mind off of the stress and anxiety I have been feeling. First I asked “write me a story about 2 people falling in love genders don’t matter” the last paragraph had me in tears.

Samantha had just moved to the big city, leaving behind the small town where she grew up. She was excited but also a bit nervous about starting a new life. One day at a café, she spotted someone who caught her eye. It was Alex, and there was something about them that Samantha was drawn to.

They locked eyes and smiled at each other, and Samantha decided to take a chance and approached Alex. They started chatting, and it was like they had known each other for years. Soon enough, they were talking about everything from their families to their favorite books, and they found they had a lot in common.

Over the following weeks, Samantha and Alex spent more and more time together. They laughed and joked, explored the city together, and shared their dreams for the future. Samantha loved how kind and considerate Alex was, and Alex admired Samantha’s intelligence and wit.

As they spent time together, Samantha and Alex realized that their feelings for each other were more than just friendship. They both realized that they had fallen in love.

One evening, on a rooftop overlooking the city, Samantha took Alex’s hand and told them how much they meant to her. Alex felt the same way and leaned in for a kiss. As they kissed, fireworks lit up the sky, and it felt like nothing else in the world mattered.

From that moment on, Samantha and Alex’s love only grew stronger. Genders didn’t matter, because all that really mattered was the love they had for each other. They knew that they were meant to be together, and nothing would ever change that.

Then I asked “write me a funny story about the last supper what jokes where being exchanged between Jesus and Judas.” How it ended would have changed religion completely!

Once upon a time, during the last supper, Jesus and Judas were seated next to each other. The atmosphere was heavy with tension, and everyone seemed glum. Jesus, being the funny person that he was, decided to lighten the mood by cracking some jokes.

He turned to Judas and asked, “Hey, Judas, do you know why I picked you to be one of my disciples?”

Judas quizzically replied, “No, why?”

“Because you have the best taste in bread,” said Jesus, making everyone laugh.

Not to be outdone, Judas retorted, “Well, at least I don’t have to walk on water to keep up with the rest of the disciples!”

Feeling playful, Jesus then challenged Judas, “Oh yeah? Prove it! Let’s have a competition: whoever can walk on water the longest gets to choose the evening’s meal.”

Judas pressed his lips together, trying to conceal a smirk, and declared confidently, “You’re on!”

As they rushed down to the Sea of Galilee, the other disciples watched them apprehensively. But to their surprise, neither of them could walk on water for more than a few seconds, and they both ended up plunging into the lake. The disciples burst out laughing, with St. Peter mocking them, “Looks like neither of you has powers over water after all!”

They all spent the rest of the night taking turns telling jokes and sharing stories, with Jesus and Judas becoming good sports about their silly competition. And from that day on, the last supper became known as the most amusing gathering of the disciples.

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