I have done a lot to clean up my digital life, as I have talked about a lot here. Not sure if I have mentioned it here but I have also moved to inbox zero for email, I either delete or archive my email as soon as I have attended to the email; if I am expecting a response it is archived and when the response is sent to me it is automatically pulled out of the archive and added to the chain, if it’s important but all actions have been fulfilled it is archived, but if it is garbage it is usually deleted. I set my phone up so that phone calls from numbers not in my phone book get sent to voice mail, I have pissed off a lot of scammers that I think my number was black listed for a while, but I was starting to get those calls again as to why I did the phone thing.

It was some time after 02:00 that I got a text message with some link of random numbers and letters. I was really not happy about this early morning text; I thought I had it muted on texts that aren’t in my contacts, but no I had it muted on some texts I regularly get that I don’t care to be notified about (like etransfers) and was just playing wack a mole with the occasional one that got through. This very early morning text did not make me happy so I needed to figure stuff out. I found out instructions on how to mute those texts, but also to not even have them show up on my phone. It’s like junk mail but for SMS! I am beyond excited about this, the link I found explaining this can be found below.

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