My Data

So as some people may know I have started taking my data back, and away from data brokers and companies who don’t need my data. I randomly got an email from today saying some actions where required on my part. I casually went there to check things out, I guess snap chat wanted some action on my part. Reluctantly I downloaded the app because I guess you cannot do stuff on the webpage, makes sense being a mobile first service but frustrating none the less.

I tried logging into it but it wasn’t letting me, I have a password manager so I was a little frustrated with it all. I did the whole forgot password thing but it came back with email not found. I was so happy that it was gone, and I know the Google wont be thinking I am a snap chat user. I got curious abbout how many of the 14 remaining accounts where actually closed. So I deleted my account so that I could resign up for it, fun and exciting I thought sarcastically!

When you sign up for it you get asked how many places do you think have your data. I was sure it was actually lower then 14 but I thought that is where I coincidentally slid it on the slide bar why bother messing around with it more? it was already applauding me for thinking I was in the top 85% of people reclaiming their data, kinda sorta validating to see that. I filled out the rest of the stuff and then it searched the web for my Google data; the number came out to 6 not 14; just 6, two of those accounts happened to be my Google account which I need for my YouTube viewing and the account! I was hopeful that PayPal had been removed as saymineapp wont send emails to PayPal, I had gone through the whole manual process myself but I had no way of saying it was gone and it just felt like a thorn in my side seeing it there.

PayPal, and Snapchat were definitely gone. All that remained where: The two previously mentioned accounts. Yelp, I have not thought about this app other than the occasional mention of it on TV or trying to remove my account every so often. Quora, I currently use a different account. a healthcare system my chiropractors office uses, I am really not comfortable with them holding my data as they have tried to run trackers on my home network but my pihole blocks them I do however need to use the service if I want to continue seeing my chiropractor so I have signed up with another account using a hide my address. Finally there is HydrateSpark, that’s right I have a water bottle that connects to the internet! It was not just a buy it because you can purchase but rather a well thought out purchase, I realized I have a problem staying hydrated well enough and this water bottle helps me keep track of my water intake and helps me see that I need to drink more if I want to be healthier.

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