BBQ sauce (no artificial preservatives)

I used to make my own ketchup then one day I just stopped; not sure why I did, I just did. The week running up to New Year’s Eve I was considering what I wanted to do. I settled on ribs as I had just gotten into making spice mixes/rubs, I wanted to use the rub flavour but I also wanted to use BBQ sauce! I looked up how to make BBQ sauce found out it was fairly simple; ketchup, brown sugar, spices. By the time my groceries would get to me there would not be enough time to make the ketchup and cook the ribs so I just got premade ketchup. The BBQ sauce was amazing, but it could be better. In the New Year I made my own ketchup and used it on almost everything, but I didn’t make any BBQ sauce. I have been meaning to make some more ketchup for weeks now; the recipe I was following was for the slow cooker and would take 10 to 12 hours needing to be stern every 30 minutes or so, so I needed to remember to start it when I got out of bed. It would always be later in the afternoon that I would remember to do it so I would just say I will do it tomorrow. Yesterday I said screw it I will start it at 16:00, so I was up late around 02:00 my place started smelling like ketchup! I didn’t think it was ready to be bottled until 03:30 though, so I have been a wee little tired today.

I did not make any BBQ sauce out of my last batch of ketchup though. Today I decided I would make some BBQ sauce though. I realized that this BBQ sauce would be the first BBQ sauce I would ever make with out any unnatural preservatives!

I put in a 1 to 1 ratio of ketchup and brown sugar and some of my Italian seasoning. Note for next time; put in as much seasoning as you think you will need then double it! Or don’t make it while you are half asleep and remember to taste it before bottling.

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