So Yummy

So I am decluttering which is a good thing I think, the amount I am taking out to the garbage haunts me but I need to get it under control as I shepherd in a more zerowaste lifestyle. That’s all besides the point though.

While I was decluttering I found a container of unopened cocoa powder, in the past I have made my own hot chocolate mix it was good but I really didn’t want to spend the extra money to get confectioners sugar, cocoa powder, and milk powder when I could just get pre-made hot chocolate. Years went by I learnt new things but never got back to making my own hot chocolate mix. Nights I felt I needed hot chocolate I would just order it, that was very expensive and wasteful. Several years back I found what was left of my milk powder, seeing as how it was years past its best before I tossed it.

Getting back to my cocoa powder discovery and the things I had learnt I decided I should turn it into hot chocolate! One of the many things I have learnt between now and then was how to turn regular granulated sugar into confectioners sugar (spice grinder or food processor). I had the sugar and the cocoa powder covered all I needed was the milk powder. As I don’t have a license at the moment I got my groceries delivered today, and with that I got milk powder. I adapted the hot chocolate recipe found on to weights rather than volume, luckily it’s a 2:1:2 ratio, and increasing the amount I would make. I put in the one part cocoa powder (a little less then 225 mg), then a little more than two parts milk powder (about 500 mg), and mixed it with the about two parts sugar (don’t remember what the actual weight was but we will say 500 mg). I prefer using weight over volume so I don’t have measuring cups, I can ask Siri for conversions if it isn’t something I made and I can eyeball most things but I really wanted to give this hot chocolate its best chance, thepioneerwoman says 125 ml of mix to 125 ml of water not knowing where my measuring cups are I had to find a table spoon to measure out 125 ml of mix (comes out to about 80 grams). Filled up a two litre mason jar of chocolate greatness.

Best hot chocolate I have ever had! Why am I mentioning it here? I found some unused cocoa powder that I wouldn’t have enough uses for if I were to use it bit by bit, turned granulated sugar (from a paper bag) into confectioner sugar without buying confectioner sugar in a plastic bag, and using all of the powdered milk (which sadly came in a plastic bag). Almost zero waste, if I intend to be away from my hot chocolate for too long I can vacuum seal it but it is so good, it feels even better knowing I wasted very little after finding something I had relatively little use for.

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