Waves of a busy highway

So I have a fruit fly problem, I cleaned my dishes in my sink and bleached the drain. The fruit flies came back real bad yesterday morning I was not happy about it and had no idea where they were coming from so I changed all the traps. My fruit fly problem was a little less noticeable this morning, or so I thought! I filled up this weeks pill sorter and grabbed my kettle to fill up with water. There was another fleet of fruit flies, I was so very unhappy no idea where they were coming from.

I had a jar sitting on my counter left over from my homemade ketchup, but it was sealed so I thought maybe they were spawning from some ketchup that dripped down the side? I went to pick it up and clean it. Turns out the lid wasn’t on and a flock of fruit flies emptied the jar but the jar was still buzzing like crazy, I quickly put the lid back down and moved it to the sink. I got the jar and the tap lined up turned on the water and opened the lid, another squadron of fruit flies came out but I could still hear the noise coming from within as I slowly drown the rest of them!

Let that be a lesson to you children; make your own ketchup, not only will you like it but so will your friends!

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