For the past few nights I have been feeling a little sluggish. I chalked it up to all the decluttering I have been attempting in my kitchen so I thought not much of it; I had to see people today so I didn’t think much of my sluggishness, I have not become used to being around people again yet so there’s that as well.

I fell to sleep on my couch this evening only to be woken up by an app on my watch telling me it was power up time. I had no idea why my watch was buzzing on my wrist, all I knew was that I was asleep and I was getting an alert that woke me up. I panicked did I miss closing my stand goals for the day? I only need two more as of 17:20. Did I miss my water consumption goal for the day? How mad I would have been if I broke my 311 day streak of getting all my water.

Nope it was my watch telling me it was time to stick a needle into my leg. I am so glad I have an app on my phone that reminds me to do drugs! I pop my pills three times a day; I have pill sorter things that I fill up every week to help me stay on track, but I have a nasty habit of ignoring alerts on my phone as I realized more and more that I was missing out on my druggy lifestyle I found the app medisafe. The app helped me get in better with my drug habits as it is rather firm with telling me to do drugs.

Without the app going off on my wrist at 19:30 I would have completely forgotten it was Tuesday and that this week was power up week. It was the lack of hormones in my body making me so tired! So I did my power up I am still so sluggish, but now I also have a sore spot on my leg. The sore spot will be gone before I go to bed but the hormones won’t kick in until later.

I wish oestrogen kicked in like injectable drugs do in video games or on TV.

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