I had a post thought up

I am so freaking tired today ever sense I woke up this morning. I had a post thought up to write about but over the course of opening the app I forgot all about it.

It may have been about how I am making a chicken pasta, with the sauce being ketchup. I blackened some chicken boob, with my birdy rub followed by ketchup to deglaze the instant pot bowl and make a pasta sauce. After the pot was deglazed and the ketchup had reduced I removed it and started cooking the pasta. Most of the ketchup and all of the chicken had been removed when I put the pasta and water in so when the manual release was pressed I was expecting the steam to come out red but nope it came out orange, the same colour as my birdy rub.

After standing to release the pressure I realized my post could have also been about my practice of making my fabric softener sheets for my dryer, on the rare occasion that I do use my dryer (I prefer hang drying) I put in a cloth that has had some vinegar and essential oil put on it. I can never remember the recipe so I have to look it up every time; again I use my dryer so infrequently that this happens once every year or so, so no big deal right? I wish I could say the whole “time is money” thing but hey I have nothing better to do so that is a mute point. I do however hate needing to find the right recipe, as I have tried a few and I have to scroll through all the babble to see if it’s the right recipe. I found it mixed up the 118 ml of vinegar with eight drops of essential oil, rolled up my clothes stuck them in the jar and poured the mixture over top. Being so pooped I was just going to leave it alone after tossing one in with the load; but luckily out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of my stain remover with the label and recipe on it, then I noticed my laundry detergent labeled with a recipe. So now I needed to find my label maker to identify (not that I needed it) what it was but what the recipe was.

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