For New Year’s Eve I made a homemade BBQ sauce, it was amazing, never buying premade stuff again amazing. Kinda like my ketchup; I once upon a time swore the same thing about ketchup but I failed at that. Yesterday I spent the day making ketchup, because of how my BBQ sauce turned out (a lot of it is ketchup) I thought I should get back into making my own ketchup. Homemade ketchup is leaps and bounds better than the pre-made stuff so it only makes sense that it would make other things better to.

For years now I have made my own mayonnaise, again it is just so much better than the store bought stuff it is something I have stuck to not buying. I had every intention on turning it into a coleslaw dressing for New Year’s Eve. That didn’t happen, at least not on New Year’s, a few nights later I was just pooped and was not interested in making food. I saw the coleslaw mix and just plopped some of the mayonnaise onto it and it was all good. I didn’t need to add anything else to it.

Then today I wanted some chicken with some pasta. Earlier in the day I saw a cooking show on YouTube talking about rubs; like most cooking shows on YouTube this one said don’t keep making the same thing, I try taking that to heart but I know I get stuck in ruts. Sure I try adjusting things frequently, I eyeball most things trying different measurements to be adventurous. I have always stuck away from rubs, don’t know why just always have when cooking meats. That ended today! I made a rub for some chicken breast and wow it took it to a whole new level. From now on I will always rub my meat!

My chicken rub was inspired by you can follow the exact measurements that is on there, I eyeballed it blended it up in my spices grinder and it just elevated the chicken to the next level.

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