I was not expecting this email

So on Wednesday I was in a cab, the cab driver started chatting me up, I enjoy talking to people so this was no problem. Getting closer to my home; the conversation started getting a little icky, but I was stuck in his cab I had an idea of where it was going to end and the more we talked the clearer it became. We got back to my place when the guy turns to me and asks if we could be friends with benefits.

I am cool with discussing my sexuality with people, but on my terms and not being confined in the back of a car with someone who I don’t know or who doesn’t know I am Trans. I was able to probe his ignorance on the whole Trans thing just to gage the danger I was in, I fear that I may have been in a little bit more trouble if he realized I am Trans.

I don’t know what kind of line the guy thought he was using but turning to me and asking what he asked was so inappropriate. I politely said no and got out of his car, I was shaking and couldn’t find the keys in my purse, but could feel his eyes on me. I sent a message to a friend just to calm myself down, he replied the following day saying I should report him. Being a fan of statistics; maybe because of my education and/or my employer (Statistics Canada), and remembering how very few sexual harassment cases are reported I decided that I should report it. When I was sexually assaulted it took me a week to realize it needed to be reported but I reported it. Today I was shaving when the memory of what had happened came to me and all I could think was “welcome to womanhood!” I was not expecting anything to really come of the complaint, I was most definitely not expecting to hear back about the complaint, even after reading the first two paragraphs of the email I was expecting to see something along the lines of “suck it up buttercup.”

I have removed identifying information just for privacy.

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