I use the Reminders app on my phone to make sure I do things around home on a schedule. I have all kinds of bad habits of not remembering to do things, or maybe neglecting to do things. I have a reminder to clean my toilet that comes up every Saturday, Saturday would come and go by about Monday I would see the reminder and just check it off as complete today when I was checking off somethings I decided I would actually do the toilet cleaning! I got into my bathroom looked at the toilet and decided I should probably do a deep cleaning; put soap on the top of my lid and scrubbed it then I got the space between the lid and the tank (like you should), but then I saw stuff wedged into the thingies holding the lid to the toilet so I decided to pull it off. Pulling the lid off I decided I should get that deep cleaning done on the lid while it was off; so deep cleaning was done, I am so glad that I pulled it off because I saw stuff that needed scrubbing that would not have been seen without taking it off.

I scrubbed the rest of the toilet; now I am thinking maybe I should scrub down the tank, but either way I am so glad I could actually check off the clean toilet thing on my reminders!

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