That is the whey

Yesterday I walked to the store to get moo juice, lemons, and whipping cream. I got home and realized I forgot the whipping cream, I thought that would give me reason to leave home again today but this morning I was in so much hurt! After I caught my breath I poured the 4 litres of moo juice into my instant pot and started the yogurt process. Today even though I hurt so much I managed to put about three litres of yogurt in to a bag to get the whey out, never had I tried that much before! Normally I stick cans on top of the yogurt to get the whey out but the actual yogurt was heavy enough to start that on its own. I decided to check on it about an hour later, about 1 litre of whey had come out. I jared it up and put weights on top, a few hours later I was able to remove about 500 ml of the whey. I just checked it and there was very little whey that came out before I go to bed tonight I think I will massage it a little as I think there is still a lot of whey in it.

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