My skin and sinuses have been so dry lately; a few days ago I brought out my hand cream, every 5 or 10 minutes I was putting on more. I have been playing around with homebridge just to make my home automation a little better. While playing with my ecobee sensors I realized my living room had about 17% humidity, it was so dry. I went and found my humidifier and have had it running all day and managed to bring it up to 48%. It’s a lot more comfortable but it still felt really dry when I left my living room. Panicked; mind you this was before I knew the 48%, I thought what could I do to raise the humidity for more then my living room and hallway? I could sous vide some pork chops, not only am I gonna have a good supper but I will add humidity to my kitchen. After finding out the humidity and doing a little research I found out I was probably in a good range so I turned off the humidifier, and with that I decided it would be a good time to close blinds. I walked into my bedroom and it was BAM dry as duck! With that I decided I needed to set the humidifier up in my bedroom, it will turn off a just as I am falling to sleep and turn on a few hours before I wake up. After I wake up I will turn it off and open a window!

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