I have been trying to do so much self improvement lately; when the power went out at my place yesterday I did the normal things to make sure it wasn’t just my place the power went out on and luckily it wasn’t, but then I felt the weight of a thousand eyes fall onto me as I realized my Piholes turned off and I was surfing the internet naked. I had to turn my phone right off I did not like the idea of ads and trackers trying to get to me. The google now knows very little about me, as seen by the YouTube ads I was getting before I said enough is enough and went for YouTube premium. Amazon does not have a good ad business anywho but they only have a dossier on me based around previous purchases, shows I watch, and previous tracking. I have been working with saymineapp.com to crush my digital foot print, using Apple’s iCloud+ “hide my email” to resign up to things I may still need. Privacy is an illusion but I have been working on it hard lately and just feeling like I had a thousand eyes on me when my piholes went dark yesterday really got to me. There is a hide my ip with iCloud+ or I could have turned NordVPN on, but those eyes would still be watching not really me but they would be watching. All though the power was out for less than an hour and my phone was off for most of it I felt the eyes! The power going out gave me new motivation to work on blinding those eyes some more.

I was thinking about this post, it does not get past me that I am yelling look at me with Facebook; I have set limits as to how long I can use it a day and between what hours, that I am saying check me out with this blog, or even that I was sharing my health data with a third party (my insurance). I am backing out of many groups on Facebook, so that Facebook’s dossier on me gets smaller, someone could build a dossier on me from my blog but hey they aren’t getting all that much from me, finally there are laws protecting my health data but I am under no illusion that this data isn’t being anonymized and sold. Privacy is an illusion, but when it is on my terms I feel safer.

Again I am aware that I work for Statistics Canada and some of the information collected in some of the surveys is fairly personal, having done the training and being sworn in under the Statistics Act I know how the data is secured. Having had some of the statistics act quoted to me as to why someone doesn’t want to do a survey I have read the act and understand the privacy surrounding the data. I know that the data collected by Statistics Canada can be over whelming but it is not used to build a dossier on a person rather a picture of Canada.

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