Thankful Post 361

So I got down a rabbit hole of self help things; I have been dealing with a poop load of stress right now, so much so that my epilepsy decided it would be a good time to strike again. I am willing to try things to help relieve that stress, something more then drugs.

I have been cleaning my place, but it is to look good for the appraisal that will need to be done to get my new mortgage all figured out. I love that I am doing that but it has been fairly stressful getting it done. My office is getting cleaner work will be a little less stressful in there, but it still has a long ways to go.

I picked up my phone around 2300 to check Facebook while the TV was on, the first thing that went through my head was bad, bad! It’s to late in the evening to be doing that. I went hunting to find if there was a tool to block Facebook after a certain time, with pihole going full on lockdown, turns out in the Facebook app there is a setting to stop Facebook things during a certain time, didn’t need to go full on lockdown which is good I guess. There is an option for 15 minute periods during your quiet time, but today I am thankful I found the feature.

edit: I am now looking at ways to make my phone less of a tool of distraction at night, I realize the hypocrisy of saying this at 0046 but still!

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