My day today!

As I have to keep my foot elevated for a few days I feel so unproductive, I planned on hopefully getting more of my office cleaning out today. That would involve a lot of standing and lifting, so out of the question!

My new paper shredder showed up today, after I had enough time to think about how unproductive I have been today I started shredding some of the confidential documents I have hanging out in my office. Under the statistics act I do not feel comfortable taking it to a secure shredding place but so I do the secure shredding at home. So trying to be productive but off my feet I have been shredding documents.

Giving myself a little paper cut booboo I thought about the blood that is (was) on the floor in my washroom so I needed to set Squirtle up to mop the floor. I have been out of cleaning solution for a while and have been “mopping” with just water. My mop is not a fan of that and usually just gives up after a bit, not having a license at the moment, the will to drive even if I had one, the money to afford an Instacart or Amazon delivery I decided I needed to do a deep dive into looking up alternatives. I found someone who pre sprays their floor with 1 part distilled vinegar and one part water then just fills their braava with water. I thought that could be worth a try, I like vinegars so I use a lot of vinegars but it has been a long time sense I have smelt distilled vinegar it is not as good smelling as real vinegar.

Doing my shredding I filled the bin up and needed to empty it. My paper recycle bin is full at home and there is no way I am taking it across the parking lot to empty it, what was I to do? I avoid using plastic as much as I can so I don’t have any big garbage bags, I really didn’t want to use the plastic grocery bags I have accumulated during the pandemic I have had bad experiences with those and shredded paper. I remembered I have always tried my hardest to find second uses for things 20*0 lead to a lot of SkipTheDishes and food joints where moving away from big plastic bags to hold their normal paper bags so I have bags to put the shredding in. Go me for not throwing away paper bags!

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