My Data

TLDR online security good, here is what I have/will be doing to avoid; having my ID stolen again, being tracked, being the product of the things I don’t want to be the product of, and playing it safe.
Some time ago some of my data was stolen from somewhere, I had a credit card on file at this place, I got scared as I have had my ID stolen once before so I went and cancelled that card and had a new one sent to me; the bank was obviously not happy with me doing this, if I remember correctly they said that in the letter they sent me with the new card (more politely and less obviously of course). I signed up for credit monitoring, worst mistake in my financial life, So I looked into ways to monitor my data and I found, Every so often I am on there doing a mass unsignup of things my data could be breached from, it does take time but I think it’s worth it. I started using LastPass to make strong passwords for things, recently it has started to tick me off so I am moving to Apple’s password manager.
A little while ago I got sick and tired of all the ads on the Internet, tracking me again maybe my credit data could be stolen other ways. Don’t get me wrong that is how the internet is kept open and having an open internet is a good thing, just there is so much tracking. So I got an ad blocker it blocked most of the ads and trackers while browsing the internet, however it failed to do it across everything. So I setup a pihole system on my network.
I started using Apple’s anonymous email service, it can create iCloud email addresses for everything I use. I check up on my security every once and a while, today is one of those days. I found out I have two Instacart accounts? One is for and one is for, they don’t seem to work cross both sites. I sent an email trying to close the .com version today and maybe I will send another closing the .ca version later.
I am trying to setup my home network to not use my Sasktel router for anything more then bringing the internet into my home so that I can move all the routing to a more secure system. I am having some difficulties doing it, so trouble shooting is in my near future.
I also found today, with this I need to check out my browsers fingerprints?

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