So I Drink Vinegars

I don’t go off Willy Nilly and drink any old vinegar, I make them on my own. Having a discussion with someone recently who was surprised that I drink vinegars I thought about it harder today as I was having a very good glass of banana vinegar (I purposely put more of my homemade apple cider vinegar as I did not have a banana mother yet, to develop a banana apple flavour but the apple was lost and it was just banana), it had a kombucha feel down my throat, don’t know if that’s the right words but it’s 0230 and I want to get this out of my mind.

Early on in the plague days of 20*0 I got into kombucha, more or less because it was something “exotic” and I like tea. I did something and killed the mother, don’t remember what I did but it died on me. As I was enjoying this vinegar I thought about the process it took to get to where it was, and I realized it was a very similar path to make kombucha. All this thought helped me realize kombucha is really just for vinegar.

Please remember it is 02:30, I just needed to get this out.

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