I am zero waste adjacent, I am trying to do my bestest to avoid plastics, and I am trying my darnedest to get in on the anti-capitalist movement.

I have been avoiding doing my dishes; because my back hurts, not because I’m lazy (or at least that’s what I tell myself)! Today I was scrubbing away at my pressure cooker pot as I baked something good on there none of my brushes were getting it off, what was I to do? I thought about it and wondered maybe I had an SOS pad under my sink, yes I had one I got scrubbing away it got some off of there but it wasn’t going to get it all. I felt defeated thinking I was going to need to get more I frantically thought of what I could do to avoid an Amazon or Instacart order (don’t have a license right do to my epilepsy); to my surprise there is this thing called The Google, I therefore googled how to clean the pot about 30 minutes later that stuff I had been hopelessly scrubbing away at was gone. So I was going to make my supper after that so I pulled out the other pot to cook while that one dried, I full well knew there was a ring of lightly baked on things it didn’t bug me much but I thought hey I know how to clean it so I did. I am feeling rather accomplished today! I still have lots of dishes to finish yet but I told myself I needed to do it. Hopefully tomorrow I will still have this dish cleaning attitude!

As I was resting my back I realized I should really stop procrastinating and take out the trash, again as I look at everything I through away and think has it run it’s life? How can I avoid throwing it away? How can I avoid this in the future? So I can usually go two or three weeks without taking out the trash, saying that for context as a few weeks ago my back was hurting so much that I just emptied my indoor can into a bag and thought I would take it out later. My indoor can needed to be emptied a few days ago and I had not yet taken that bag out, just doing the dishes made me realize I really needed to take out the trash so that is finally done. I am grumpy with myself needing to have that plastic garbage bag, I know the bag is going to be ripped open tomorrow morning as people look for bottles so it’s not even serving any real purpose.

Not needing to buy brand name or store labeled SOS pads felt good, especially how poopy I felt when I realized I used a whole pad and barely removed any of the stuff!

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