I have won the opportunity to show my manager my vaccination record, it’s a good thing I set up the QR code thing as that’s what they need to see before the 25th. I needed to say I got vaccinated, if I remember correctly some time in November after Trudeau told all PSAC (the umbrella union cause I can’t think of the letters the employer calls us) members they needed to be vaccinated to work. I think it’s 10% of worker bees where randomly selected, so even though I work out of my home away from people I need to be vaccinated and prove it. Don’t get me wrong everyone should be vaccinated but they really should have randomly selected someone else. On the topic of things that I have to do for work; because of COVID the government decided it was now a good idea to put in some lock down/evacuation protocols into effect, sometime after Tuesday I have to do the course on making a plan or some such thing thing. Again I work out of my home; not sure that I really need to worry about that, last two times guns were pulled on me at work I didn’t even flinch.

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