Coffee Shnob

Near the beginning of the plague I had run out of coffee grounds and was terrified of going in places, so I ordered some of Walmart’s house grounds. As I had been drinking the co-ops house brand for a few years at that point I thought Walmart’s would not be that different, wow was I ever mistaken. At the time co-op’s online shopping was even worse than it is now so that was going to be an issue; I started sampling different coffees from around the internet, I found many good coffees. The Google was doing its thing and started suggesting coffee YouTube videos to me and this in turn got me to grinding my own beans; first with my spice grinder, then the Google did its thing again and I got a burr grinder.

As I am a slave to capitalism I got into French pressed coffee as well, so I had not had drip coffee for about 14 months but a week or two ago I was not wanting to need to clean my French press at the moment so I decided using my coffee maker would be fine as a lazy thing. The coffee wasn’t bad, sure French pressed is better but it’s not bad. Yesterday I got of bed and realized I didn’t have enough beans to make my coffee this was no good, I am isolating so I couldn’t just go to the store and buy more I was going to have to have it delivered I was fine with the $4 delivery fee stuff happens. I needed coffee for the day though so I went into my cupboards looking for other coffee; I found some that I had liked before I opened the new package and made the coffee, I could barely drink it as it was both over powering and underwhelming at the same time. It’s amazing how much my coffee pallet has developed now that I know what good coffee tastes like.

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