I feel out of the habit of cleaning my place again. Two nights ago I feel to sleep on my couch, so my back didn’t like being attached to me. After lots of thinking about what I could do differently to make sure I didn’t do that again I set up Rosie to vacuum at 1:30 Saturday and Sunday mornings knowing that was my new plan I thought I should clean my laundry room floor so Rosie could get in there and I could have Squirtle run in there in the morning. I was so tired last night that it didn’t happen, so I thought I would just do it this morning. I had a really good sleep last night so I cleaned up my laundry room floor this morning; I was rather haunted by how much of a mess it was so I did a lot of work on rearranging my laundry room floor, don’t know I would’ve done that last night. Rosie is doing it’s thing again this morning, after it’s done I will get Squirtle to work.

I am thinking of going to bed with my bedroom door open to night and have Rosie vacuum in my bedroom while I sleep, if that works I will be changing its schedule around and sleeping with my bedroom door open.

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