Today’s New Thing

I am too drained, this girl had a tough 7.5 hour day at work. I set my first alarm for 6:30 just to make sure I could get my lazy booty out of bed and to the office for 9. Ottawa crashed at 10:00 this morning so I had an hour where I couldn’t work as Ottawa rebooted or whatever happened, I was still being paid for being in the office but while Ottawa did its thing I went and sat in the staff room? I was at work so I want to pretend I have somewhere other then my place to go. Because I had sat in the staff room already today I forgot that I still had a coffee and lunch, I got to leave the office and move to my living room 45 minutes early.

Ottawa crashing is a new thing; I was on the phone hoping a respondent would pick up, they didn’t but when I went to code it as a none pick up I couldn’t. I thought well hey let’s just restart my thing but then it wouldn’t let me in, I was scared that I broke something so I called my senior up and she discovered she couldn’t do her thing and the messages from my college started coming in, it wasn’t just me.

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