Today’s New Thing

Yesterday I had decided it was time to use my fermented pasta sauce, I figured out how to unvacuum seal it opened it up and found all this white stuff on top. At first I thought it was mold, so I sealed it and thought I would figure out what to do with it later as I did not know if fermented stuff was good in compost. I haven’t looked but I am sure it would be fine as fermenting things is breaking things down.

As I was eating supper I thunk about it, I was curious maybe it was just yeasty boys growing on it. I was too tired to figure that stuff out, so I decided to do it in the morning. This morning I looked up information and realized molds can’t grow (or are really hard to grow) in a vacuum but kahm yeast can. Yeast is fine to eat but I thought I should scrape it off; when I did there was a dark green spot under some of the yeast I got a whole lot concerned about it but thought I would continue scraping the yeast off, maybe it was just the one spot (it is a liquid so it would all be bad if it was bad in the one spot). I really did not want to toss it as it smelt good, so I was just going to risk the chances of being poisoned. I tossed it all into my food processor and a big dark green thing fell in, and I was reminded cilantro was in there. Today my new thing is being happy that I was willing to risk being poisoned, if I wasn’t I would have tossed my ferment because of cilantro leaves!

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