Thankful Post 357

Today I am thankful that I did not toss my sauce because of cilantro leaves but I already made that post today! I am fairly sure I have made this post before but I am glad I have gotten into the fermentation game, I have learned so much about adding yummy flavours to food. Sure it takes much longer to make whatever I am making but 99% of the time is spent with it sitting in my fermentation station.

I got thinking when a bottle of probiotics ran out if I really needed to continue taking it, I eat a lot of fermented foods as is so I did some research into it and decided I was done buying probiotics, I would just use the one extra bottle I had left and would step up on my fermentation game. In my research I also decided I was going to finish the rest of the bottles of vitamins and not buy more, as I would just eat the right foods now.

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