Today’s New Thing

So on my waste free/plastic free journey I realized I needed a new plan for razors, seeing as how I am almost out of Harry’s blades I thought a new set up was in order. I searched out waste free razors and I was introduced to safety razors, there is no plastic in it and the blades can be recycled some how (need to figure that one out yet). For just a little more then it would have cost for a couple of months worth of Harry’s blades I got a new handle and a couple of years worth of blades. Today my new thing is shaving with safety blades.

On the topic of getting a new razor I was searching out options on Amazon, using different phrases can show you different options and different prices. The dossier Amazon has on me is got to be funny as I put things into my cart to compare prices, as I am sure many people do but it will help Amazon search develop. I was down to three different handles in my cart, they all used safety blades but I would just get whatever blades where suggested by the manufacturer. I cut the the most expensive unisex one out of the running and I was about to bend over and pay the $20 pink tax on a “female” safety razor but I got curious and looked at it, it was the exact same thing as the other razor just “for women” and pink. In the long run it still would have been cheaper then the Harry’s razor but I really did not need to pay the pink tax.

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