Thankful Post 337

With my adventures to use less plastics and realizing I needed more deodorant I looked up recipes for home made deodorant. Years ago I had tried making my own but fell out of favour with it. I thought I would give it another shot now. I needed coconut oil though, so I put it on my Walmart order to get later. I don’t remember what I was doing but I noticed an empty container of Walmart coconut oil and realized it was plastic, I was really not happy about this! I got thinking about if it was possible to just buy it in bulk, so I searched the web. I ended up at the bulk barn, again I am not happy that I cannot use my reusable bags but that’s COVID for you I guess I ordered the arrowroot stuff I needed and the coconut oil. Sure the arrowroot stuff came in a icky plastic bag but the coconut oil came in a glass jar! I have been wanting to get coconut oil for a bit but at the same time I didn’t want something sitting in plastic for long periods of time as I didn’t think I could use it all that fast, therefore I am thankful that it is in a glass jar.

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